Reval Entertainment, founded in 2014, is a small indie game studio based in Tallinn (Reval from the 13th century until 1917), Estonia. Our team first met in 2011, at a local game development community, which was part of a game development course in the University of Tartu. We’ve been prototyping and experimenting, winning and losing, enduring multiple 48h game jams and generally having fun with making games ever since.

Our resplendent (it’s an actual word) team:



Eerik is our one and only craftsman, leading programmer.
His skills are comparable to: a smith’s, a merchant’s and the city council’s abilities and knowledge combined together.




Have You ever heard something about Raphael or Donatello? Taavi is something like that.




Ago is a master of variety: designing and building cities, harbours, and villages around the countryside. Filling them with stories and music.